Secondary, Trump Craft

Spiritual Wake wants to support causes, do the right thing, and build up women. However it was decided it would be best to move those strongly political related items to their own shop. secondary shop hex bottles, sigil spells, and likely more will appear. For the loyal followers who are wondering where those items went now you know. go check it out and spread … Continue reading Secondary, Trump Craft

Campaign for Animals, 50% to Paws in Need

Recently I have seen video’s showing violent situation of cats, and upon commenting how not okay it was, a sleuth of men attacked and even sent me messages. But they were too cowardly for a debate, immediately blocking me after sending their hate mail. In response to their support of animal abuse and misogyny I am starting this campaign. 50% of proceeds will be donated … Continue reading Campaign for Animals, 50% to Paws in Need

Soon Valentines will be near…

For those who love keys and jewelry look no further my shop has some lovely couples necklaces! For those looking for love, I have spell bottles and brooches which help attract true love! And for those burned by someones wrong doing I have some interesting hex your hex options. Whatever you desire you can get those vibes and energies out into the world! Continue reading Soon Valentines will be near…

The Energies Behind the Works

Some of  my fav crystals to work with are AGATE Comes in a variety from the mermaid reminiscence of the Druzy agate in my bracelets to the gorgeous coloring’s of the Blue Lace, Dragon Vein used in the bracelets and necklaces. The healing properties of Druzy crystals are basically the same as the gem material they are made of. They are great for promoting natural … Continue reading The Energies Behind the Works

Ethics of Witchcraft

The ethics of witchcraft is a…. murky at best subject. So maybe we should start by defining some things. First, what are/is ethics? Do we define it my law? By religion? By morality? Upon a quick search these are the kind of results for defining Ethics; moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity. the branch of knowledge that deals … Continue reading Ethics of Witchcraft

Come raise your vibes New necklaces, prayer beads, bracelets plus all the other gorgeous items, and even some added spell services.Give a like and share to support a small business.use code 10OFF for 10% off orders of $30.00 or more, which is a great deal if you are eyeing the box set for jewelry or witchcraft (I have some new rough crystals for that box set too!) I … Continue reading Come raise your vibes