Kemetic Witchcraft

Kemetism/Kemeticism or Kemetic Reconstructionism is a path following in the traditions and cultures of Ancient Egypt and worshipping the Gods of the Ancient Egyptian pantheon. The root of the word is “Kemet” – the ancient word meaning Egypt.


I Run Ginger’s Occult and am a kemetic witch. Although I love a huge variety of crafts and love to learn and experience many, in my heart I believe in the Ancient Egyptian Deities.

I keep an altar to Anubis and Bast, have them as tattoos along with an ankh.

I work right now, and go to school full time, so as much as I wish I could type away all sorts of blogs every day, you must bear with me. I plan to write more blogs and be more active, but it won’t be on a schedule currently.

If you have any questions or topics related to Kemeticism, please drop a comment. I would love to hear from you.

Anywho, thank you for visiting my website! There will be more blogs to come!