Life, and Cats

Taking a break from the posting of new items. Today I cut my finger, got blood all over my phone because I didn’t notice I cut it.

How did I cut it?

Opening a Dr.Pepper.

Skill right?  But I got the anti-bacterial cream and a band aid, then settled onto my bed to pause and relax. Listen to school lectures [because I am a full time student]. Life has been crazy. Most people followed after the name change so they won’t remember when I was Ginger’s Occult and not Spiritual Wake.

This journey has been long and tough. I ran from an abusive man, even fled to another state and it wasn’t far enough. After over half a year of problems and trauma, things finally settled down. I even over came much of the PTSD and have held jobs, been a good student, and started really living again. Even found new love, with a man who would never torment me or abuse me.

Right now I work two jobs, go to school, run an online business, and support myself my partner and three cats. Things are tight, but I am blessed to have made it this far. I am a fighter and will keep going.

I’m hoping one day my shop is bigger better and making enough I don’t have to divide my attention as much. I’ve struggled lately with stress and depression just from trying to get by… but today was actually a good morning at work, and as I sit here and remove a band aid…

I know I will always heal and be strong again. I always bounce back. I have been stronger than I had ever imagined. Women are often portrayed as weak, emotional, in need of help or saving…also as having just so much responsibility dumped on them.

But I’ve come to learn that entertainment isn’t real life. Women are the strongest people I’ve ever known.

Being a woman I face challenges in the workplace that men do not, even online having my own business, there are challenges. I had started feeling down about it all until I got a random cut on my finger from a Dr.Pepper can.

We get hurt from time to time, but we heal.

I suppose this weird little blog post is really just a message of that, to all the other women struggling or finally finding some peace or anything in between…WE HEAL. WE COME BACK STRONGER THAN BEFORE. AND YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. YOU ARE STRONG AND AMAZING.

Thus ends the inspirational slightly odd blog post.

Blessed Be

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