Secondary, Trump Craft

Spiritual Wake wants to support causes, do the right thing, and build up women.

However it was decided it would be best to move those strongly political related items to their own shop.

secondary shop
hex bottles, sigil spells, and likely more will appear. For the loyal followers who are wondering where those items went now you know. go check it out and spread the fight against fascism.
#resistance #theresistance #anti-trump #drumpf #dumptrump #trumpwitch #trumphex #antitrump #donaldtrump #nastywoman #witchcraft #trumpmagick #trumpspell #occult
In case you want additional reading material on fascism;

2 thoughts on “Secondary, Trump Craft

    1. you are welcomed to your own opinion but it does not change that I do not support xenophobia, sexism, rape, or misuse of power to cause/strip away democracy. Therefor items concerning anti-fascism now have their own shop. Blessed Be.


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