The Fear mongering of Socialism in America. Part 2.

Let’s confirm some facts, mostly known already. Without the Trump Christian bias of the article.

  1. Castro began guerrilla warfare in 1958, and he overthrew the previous dictator, becoming a communist military leader.
  2. yes, he was anti-america.
  3. yes there was a missile crisis in 1962, I won’t waste time with history in depth, if you want to know more look it up.
  4. 1991 the Soviet Union fell, and previously they had close ties to Cuba and had a great deal of FINANCIAL ties, making the fall hit hard on Cuban economy.
  5. Yes Castro did actually improve things like free education and healthcare, radically decreasing illiteracy.
  6. Also He handed over his rule to his brother back in 2008, making Raul the leader.
  7. Castro denied being communist despite textbook communism and ties to communism. People often forget that we often don’t see perfect examples of any rule there is often variation. Overall however his rule was closely linked to communism and military leadership.
  8. He merged and became lead of an actual Communist part in the sixties.
  9. yes he supported guerrilla warfare in other countries in trying to help other overthrow their governments.
  10. Socialism defined is; a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. On the surface it may seem like his policies did this by enacting certain laws against certain quantities of land ownership and abolishing private business- but in reality he took control and ruled over it, it was not a community based organization. It was dictatorship over others.
  11. in 2011 Castro officially stepped down from his role in Communist Party of Cuba.
  12. And as has spurred this news frenzy, Fidel Castro is dead as of 2016, so not even he could outlast this terrible year. Sorry my own bias there ignore it

Now that some fact have been cleared up without rehashing a ten page history paper lets discuss the unfounded correlation of the previous mentioned article.

here is a direct quote posted with the article

Fidel Castro has died at age 90. Loved by few, hated by millions, his communist revolution deposed a dictator, but ushered in a socialist police state that drove the entire Cuban nation into complete poverty and oppression. And to think that Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Representative Keith Ellison and others wanted socialism as a model for our country today! And why didn’t they win? God—that’s why. The church prayed and came out by the millions and voted. Praise God! And may we all as free Americans give Him glory, great things He has done! This is why it is so important to vote. There’s another election in just two years—Christians need to stay involved and run for office at every level. The socialists are regrouping in great number right now, and they will come back strong, organized, and more determined than ever. This battle isn’t over.”

First of all, I will quote our founding fathers ‘

“The Government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.”
~1797 Treaty of Tripoli signed by Founding Father John Adams ‘

so can we right here up and front finally accept that yay good for you you have religion, but it has absolutely no place in politics. period.

secondly, the massive amounts of hypocrites praising Jesus and God and fighting socialism—YOU ARE BENEFITTING FROM SOCIALISM RIGHT FREAKING NOW MATE.

  1. Fair Labor
  2. There has been actual socialist leaders before the hatred of Bernie started- names in video
  3. Roads, hospitals, highways, bridges, electricity…*gasp* socialism
  4. Military
  5. Welfare, even for corporations.

so in the end, I know this won’t change anyone’s minds, they are already made up and filled with uneducated prejudices and hate backed by self serving God complex.

But Frankly, some one ticked me off and well, I did what I am occasionally best at- sit down read a lot cuddle a cat and then crank out a written piece.


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