The fear mongering of Socialism in America. Part 1.

While I am a small business and generally maintain strict boundaries, this year of 2016 has shed light on how much hate and terrorism exists in my home country of America. This hate and terrorism is coming from Christian sources in large quantities. Normally I shut up and cope with it, but when people in my close proximity are posing real threats- I decided it’s time to start speaking up.

I hope this doesn’t effect my store, and would never post things like this in the shop. However this blog is now going to start covering things I am passionate about.

This article has crossed my feed, and people have been fear mongering, and making uneducated hateful statements and using their ‘Christian God’ to support bigotry, hate, and violence, and open support of it.

I have known amazing, kind, loving, Christians.

But right now there is an exceptional amount of hate, racism, bigotry, and discrimination where I live in the name of Jesus and God.

This article;

Fidel Castro clung to socialism, mentored new leftists

Is what the next post is speaking of or in relation to, and at the end will have a citation available for sources used to counter this article.


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