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Recently I combined my occult works into one book so people can save some money get a great deal and receive a bunch on knowledge. Check out my etsy shop where you can get the PDF download at a great price, but paperback options will be available on etsy in a few weeks or less!

I know Amazon has been a go-to for so many book lovers, as is for me as well. However Amazon has policies I do not agree with. Setting aside the small portion I get back from my sales; people have the option of filing false claims and harassing author’s, Amazon allows this and tries to force people to deal with the abusers on personal terms.

While I will continue publishing with Amazon, I will not be publishing everything to Amazon. Having worked very hard for ten months to leave an abuser behind and regain my life and happiness, I will not compromise my well being for Amazon’s lack of protection and support of authors.

I hope my readers and supporters understand this and feel comfortable shopping more so from my shop rather than Amazon, even for books. Thank you so much.

Also this is the newest collection and click here to go to the shop! Blessed Be

collection cover 2.jpg

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